"Heartland" Ontario, Canada (2012-Ongoing).

This series began around the same time that I took a job in Labour Relations. As I drove around the province, I saw a geography that hadn't recovered from the effects of recession. I saw the impact of a long trend in manufacturing decline and de-investment. I saw unemployment, sub-employment, migrant workers, discouraged workers, struggling unions, and disgruntled bosses. I saw bored youth, boarded-up schools, abandoned homes, entire streets for sale, empty restaurants, motel squats, trailer towns, grown men crying and kids somersaulting in junk yards. I also saw laughter, singing, train yard rumbles, mexican baíles, camel ranches and chihuahua mills.

This work is an homage to Ontario's workers, their families and towns. The beautiful nooks of this province that many of us won't have reason to pass through, the warmth of their communities and their stolid perseverance. 

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